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5 Benefits of Coworking Spaces for Digital Nomads

What is Coworking space and why is it important for digital nomads?

Coworking spaces are the new popular concept of post pandemic world. They are defined as an arrangement in which workers of different companies have a shared office space according to Wikipedia. This allows cost savings and convenience by using shared infrastructures, such as equipment, utilities, receptionist and custodial services, and in Ofis Voyvoda, refreshments and postal services too.

One good thing that pandemic has driven is shift to working remote and this led to strong growth in the number of digital nomads. The number of coworking members worldwide is expected to grow to 5 million by 2024 according to Global coworking study.

Thus, coworking becomes more and more popular for digital nomads, freelancers and startups and even for global campanies. Coworking spaces provide an environment for both employers and employees where everyone benefits.

5 Benefits of coworking for Digital Nomads

1- Coworking boost happiness :)

According to an extensive survey done in 2018, 89% of coworking users report that they are happier since joining a coworking space, while 83% said that they feel less lonely.

2- Coworking increase the motivation

According to same survey, 84% of coworking users report that they feel more motivated at the coworking space compared to their home/office.

"Working in a beautiful environment where I can have brief chat between my meetings with other fellows helps me feel stronger and happier" – John (Member of Ofis Voyvoda)

3- Being part of a coworking community helps to extend your network

Coworking is a great opportunity for networking. Meeting with like-minded people while you travel is a great way of boosting your network globally. One of the biggest perk of coworking spaces is sharing each others experience and knowledge. While you are working on your tasks you will be surrounded by digital nomads, freelancers digital marketers, app developers like you do! You won't be alone!

4- Coworking space is convenient and ensures cost-saving

Having a fully equipped office with ergonomic working chairs, kitchen, rental meeting rooms and include exclusive perks from cleaning staff to reception services at no additional cost what would else a digital nomad look for?

5- Coworking spaces are flexible

Coworking spaces usually offers you different types of workspace solutions such as private and quiet offices or a shared desk in social environment. Depending on your daily tasks and your needs you have flexibility to choose.

In addition to this flexible membership options make life easier. You can get a day pass, membership for a week/ month, or a longer one for a year.

Working from Ofis Voyvoda

Whether it’s the social aspect or the space itself coworking spaces has many benefits. Coworking spaces giving you the ability to work when and where you want. Ofis Voyvoda is a coworking space that locates in Galata, most historical commercial center of Istanbul where you can find many cool restaurants, coffee shops, jazz bars, art galleries and shops. Ofis Voyvoda has great variety of members such as innovative startups, app developers, architects, lighting designers, tourism agencies, digital marketing professionals.

While deciding take a look at our workspace solution. Visit our space and be a member of our strong community!

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